Tyler has Adrenoleukodystrophy.

Dear Vivian,
My son was diagnosed with Adrenoleukodystrophy in September and I guess you know his mother and I were devastated.  We had no idea what we were going to do, but thanks to organizations like yours we feel we will make it through this. Its not just the money,  but the support and knowing that someone else is there to help us through this. You don’t know what it means to have a group of total strangers show they care and to know that someone else is pulling for you. It has really been heartbreaking to see my son who has just turned 6 slowly lose his vision. He is a very charming boy and I love him more than anything.  You can only imagine how I feel seeing my son go from not needing any glasses to not recognizing me at the bottom of the stairs in less than 2 months. I would like to thank CRTR for all there support and help in making things easier for my son. I will email you a photo if you would like to use it in your fundraisers.  Feel free to use whatever you like. His mother and I have no objections to you using his name or anything else. I get teary eyed just thinking about it. My son and I are very close. Thank you very much for the gas vouchers, parking vouchers and phonecards. We are overwhelmed by your assistance and sympathy.
                                                                 Thank You Very Much,
                                                                                      Bill Miller   

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