“The Colors of the Rainbow”

The Colors of the Rainbow

“Hey, Buddy”, asked the Angel Christopher, “how do you feel about rainbows?”

“Rainbows!?” said the kid scornfully, “how could I have a Rainbow with my luck?”

My ball game has been rained out 3 times straight, and my pitch is totally off!

And you need lots of sunshine for a rainbow!!”

“Ah, but, listen pal,” replied the Angel Christopher, “you also have to have rain.

Do you know what the Rainbow-Colors mean?”

The Angel Christopher smoothed his ruffled white wings.

“Violet is for Other-People`s Sorrows.

Indigo is Troubles-of-Your Own.

True Blue is for Honest-Purposes, and

Green for Happy Memories.”

“And Yellow?” asked the Kid softly. “I love yellow the best!”

“Yellow is the Blessings-We-Forget.

Orange, splendid glowing Orange, is

God`s Promise-of-Victory, and

Red is the Richness-of-Life-After-All.”

The Angel Christopher bent to tighten his heel wings.

“So do you see why you need both Sun and Rain to make a Rainbow?”

“I see,” the kid replied thoughtfully. “But, what is the Sun?”

“The Sun is the Love-That-is in-You, little buddy!”

“Oh!” said the Kid. “And what is the Rain??”

“The Rain is the Need-Right-Around-You”

“Oh!” said the Kid. “And is here a Rainbow for me to see?”

“Of course, said the Angel Christopher, smiling tenderly,

it`s there for you always, just as I am.”

The Angel Christopher grabbed his baseball glove and led the kid out to the pitching mound. “Listen here, kid, I don’t want to hurt your feelings none, but your throwing arm looks a little weak. How’s about your Guardian Angel coaching you a bit?

Maybe I`ll even show you my famous curve ball.”

On behalf of our family and Children’s Roads to Recovery,” our wish is for every person to “Reach For the Heavens” and discovery their very own Guardian Angel. Always remember, dear friends, that Angels may not always dress the part, with robes and winds that soar. Often, Angels come as friends knocking at your door!

– Vivian Wess, President and Christopher Polk’s Aunt Bibbi

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