Taylor was diagnosed with ALL on 9/26/01.

Dear Children’s Roads to Recovery, Inc.,                            10/20/01

     I wanted to write a little note to thank you for your help. We really appreiciate the vouchers you sent. They will help a lot.

     Taylor, then 2, was diagnosed with ALL 9/26/01. Obviously it was a great shock. She is our only child and the light of everyone’s life. She is so smart, funny and loved to help around the house. She seemed much older to anyone who met her. She turned 3 in Johns Hopkins Hospital on 10/11/01. We plan to have a party when we get home. She is so confused and scared. I have a hard time trying to tell her when we need to be away from home and why she needs to take all this medicine. On Thursday the 18th we went to the clinic for chemo and learned her counts have greatly improved. They allowed us to come home to PA for a week. She goes back Friday the 26th for the all important spinal & bone marrow to see if induction is over. She and I haven’t been home since that life changing day in September. She is so glad to be back. I dread the day we have to go back because she will know where we are going. The 2 hour ride back will be so long.

     Again, thank you for your help during this time. Sue Rodgers is usually our nurse at the clinic. I was glad to see her on your board. Taylor likes her, so do I.

                                                           Nicole M. Williams

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