Jimmy is 17 years old and has a rare blood disease.

Dear Children’s Roads to Recovery, Inc.,                                 12/17/03

Jimmy and I would like to sincerely thank you for the meal vouchers, gas certificates, parking coupons, and phone card. We live around 150 miles away (one way) and this will help me to be able to go home on occasion. I haven’t worked in 5 months so this is making it possible for me to eat and survive.

I’d be happy to share information about Jimmy’s story. Jimmy is 17 years old and has a rare blood disease. He is the only child in the world with it, so it’s been very hard to treat. He goes to John’s Hopkins for his medical care and receives his rehabilitation and is an inpatient at Kennedy Krieger. Jimmy loves football and baseball and can’t wait to get well so that he can attend a game. Enclosed you will find a picture of Jimmy, as well.

Thanks again, this has helped so much!

Jimmy’s Mom


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When serious illness strikes a child, families suffer financial strain, as well as emotional pain. Children's Roads To Recovery helps by searching out donations, and in kind gifts that provide parents with transportation, lodging and funding for expenses that inevitably occur when families have a critically ill child.
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