Emily is at 21 months of age, was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia at one month of age.

She has had surgery at Johns Hopkins in October 99. In July of 2000, Emily was placed on the National Transplant List. She received a liver on May 29,2001. She is on the road to recovery. Emily lives with her three older brothers, Keith, Kris, and Emie and her mother. We live in the mountains of Western Maryland. We travel three hours to get to Johns Hopkins Medical Center. C.R.T.R helps in providing gasoline gift certificates and hospital parking vouchers. They also help with meals at the cafeteria by providing meal vouchers. The support was helpful during our hospital stay. It helped to relieve some stress and help keep me more focused on Emily by not worrying about financial problems. I have provided pictures of Emily before and after her transplant.

Update 11/6/01

Emily celebrated her 2nd birthday. She continues to do well,. She does not have to return to the doctor unless she becomes ill. She has recovered with no major problems. Mom reports Emily continues to make up for lost time. She tries to keep up with her brothers. Emily continues to gain weight and has grown 3 inch’s in height since her transplant.  

Update 3/21/02

Emily continues to get along well. She has been busy expressing her autonomy. She likes to wear her cowboy boots. If her mom can catch her she will wear other clothes, but not by choice. Mom is trying to get her to gain some weight. She likes to eat her vegetables and her orange ice cream bars, she like to share her food with her best friend Taco (the family dog). Emily has had a little break this month with going to Johns Hopkins, She only had to go once this month. We hope that it will continue. I have submitted a recent photo of Emily ( sorry couldn’t get the boots in the picture).

Thanks for all you do,
The Sugars Family

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