Alexandra was diagnosed with leukemia

Dear Children’s Roads to Recovery, Inc.,

     On February 20, 2001 my 2-year-old daughter Alexandra was diagnosed. with leukemia Needless to say, my family’s world changed drastically. My husband and I went on leave from our jobs as a teacher and police officer for many weeks during the initial treatment stages. Although my husband has returned to work and I am off for the summer, things are still revolving around her two-year treatment plan and the long trips to the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore.

     When the Social Worker at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center mentioned applying for assistance with parking and gas, we never imagined how much help the Roads to Recovery coupons would bring to our family. Many organizations require families to keep receipts and apply for assistance, but your organization just sent a very special “care package” in the mail. With the numerous bills to pay and emotional crisis, more record keeping was the last thing I needed! There is a Crown gas station at the entrance to Hopkins, and two along our commute route, where we use our gas certificates. The parking coupons are essential while we make trips to the clinic each week. We are so relieved to know the parking and gas is paid for!

     I just wanted to extend a special thanks to your organization, not only for the assistance, but for the manner in which you deliver it. A family in crisis appreciates the gift of such useful vouchers, and not a request for further paperwork.

                                                           With warmest thanks,
                                                            R and L   

Please give us your support! Together we can help critically ill children along the road to recovery.
When serious illness strikes a child, families suffer financial strain, as well as emotional pain. Children's Roads To Recovery helps by searching out donations, and in kind gifts that provide parents with transportation, lodging and funding for expenses that inevitably occur when families have a critically ill child.
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